About Us

During the Period of Non-Violent Movement to liberate the Nation From the clutches of the British Rule, Mahatma Gandhi, in the year 1920 , gave the Nation a novel idea of Non-Cooperation with the Government. He directed the Nation to boycott the government machinery, including Judiciary and educational institutions. Side by side Mahatmaji started Gujarat Vidyapith at Ahmedabad to impart education on new National Concepts.Similar national educational institutions , on identical concepts were started in different parts of the country. Rastriya Shala is one of such institutions. On February 21, 1921 Rashtriya Shala made its modest beginning and formally started functioning in a rental premises in Rajkot. Shri Lakhajiraj, the Ruler of the state of Rajkot , who was a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi gave 66 thousand sq. yards land at a nominal cost to Rashtriya Shala. It is on this land that the main building of the institution was first constructed , and since 1924 Rashtriya Shala started its various activities in this building.

Aims & Objects :

Before Independence

To impart National Education based on Gandhian Concepts, To train and prepare the students to participate in the struggle for freedom of the country and to volunteer themselves to render their services for imparticipation and upliftment of the Nation.

After Independence

To impart Basic-education on Gandhian ideology.

To run various constructive activities as propounded and advocated by Mahatmaji, based on Sarvodaya ideals.


The main activities of Rashtriya Shala are three fold :

1. Educational & Cultural

2. Khadi and Village Industries

3. Social Service

Various Activities based on Gandhian concepts, conducted by Rastriya Shala are :

(1) Bal Mandir : Since 1935 for the children of 3 to 6 years age-group a Bal Mandir (Pre-primary) is run with an average attendance of 300 children. As conveyance for the children we have five bullock Carts. Eight trained lady teachers are working in this section.

(2) Keshav Kumar Mandir : Right from inception of the institution, primary education from Std. I to Std. VII is imparted to the student (both boys and girls) in the age slab of 6 to 13-14 years. Average 700 students take benefits of this division in 2 shifts. Students of Std V, VI and VII are trained to spin on Amber Charakhas of 2 spindles. In this division there are 17 teachers.

(3) Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya : Classes for imparting vocal and instrumental music and also Bharat Natyam (dancing) right upto degree courses are conducted in this Vidhyalaya started in 1935. About 150 boys and girls derive benefit from this Vidhyalaya. This Vidhyalaya is affiliated with an All India Institution known as Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya Mendal. The students are also inspired to take interest in reading books and literature which inspire life.

(4) Library and Reading Room : In this institution we run Mahadeo Desai Library and Reading Room. Over and above some leading dailies, periodicals and other news and views papers, there are about 5000 books (Gujarati, Hindi, English) in this library mainly on Gandhian ideals.

(5) Gita-Ramayan Examinations : Knowledge of Gita and Ramayana plays a very important roll in the character building of the new generation To fulfil this noble ideal, examination of Gita and Ramayana are conducted once a year. There are about 40 examination centers in Saurashtra and Gujarat. Nearly three thousand students appears in these examination. A Silver Momento (Shield ) is presented to a center for best performance.

(6) Khadi Mandir : This activity was started in Rashtriya Shala right from the days when late Shri Narayandasbhai Gandhi settled here in 1935. Production and sale of Khadi is the main activity of this institute. In this Section about 700 spinners spin on 6 spindle Amber Charkha.

Board of Trustees

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Shree Purushottam N. Gandhi

President, Rajkot


Shree Narendra N. Anjaria

Managing Trustee, Rajkot


Shree Amruitlal V. Jasani

Trustee, Rajkot


Shree Chhaganlal N. Joshi

Trustee, Rajkot